The center of K-POP, Superstar K! And KB Kookmin Bank

The center of K-POP, Superstar K! And KB Kookmin Bank

Have you ever heard about Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’?

Just like Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ which had recorded 2.3 billion views on the worldwide video site Youtube, K-POP, has dominated whole of Asia’s pop charts. Also it made a profit of more than 2 billion dollars a year by albums and performances in 1.5 billion Asian markets. While the world persists the enthusiasm of K-POP, an independent music audition program called ‘SUPERSTAR K’ has become popular in Korea, which is like England’s ‘Britain ‘s Got Talent” and America’s ‘ American Idol ‘ .

Shall we learn more about ‘SUPERSTAR K’?

1. What is ‘SUPERSTAR K?’


➀ Evolving K-POP

In ‘SUPERSTAR K’ each of the applicants introduce a variety of K-POP. Among those, Huh Gak’s ‘ Run the sky ‘ and Ulala Session’s “Western sky” etc… definitely caused a fever of K-POP.

➁ Sing a miracle!

In ‘SUPERSTAR K’, as an audition that the whole nation participates, a variety of ages from children to elderly, sing the story of their dreams with each of their own story.

슈스케 협찬

2. The power of culture, and KB Kookmin Bank

“Culture” is a word that encompasses everything. The necessities of life; food, clothing and shelter including languages, customs, religions, academics, arts, and drafting. Improvement of cultural level brings richness to our lives and make new dreams. In this sense, KB Kookmin Bank has sponsored ‘SUPERSTAR K’ and has conducted support about culture.

Why not find a new vitality of life by supporting culture with KB Kookmin Bank?

That’s it, KB Campus Star reporting ‘K-POP’ culture walk!


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