About KB Kookmin Bank!


KB FGI will be born again as a global financial group to lead Asia.

KB FGI is a comprehensive financial group with 299 trillion KRW in assets and the largest domestic customer base as well as the widest network of service branches in Korea.
Currently, domestic subsidiaries under the umbrella of KB Financial Group consist KB Asset Management, KB Real Estate Trust, KB Investment, KB Futures, KB Credit Information, KB Date Systems, Kookmin Bank Hong Kong Ltd. (UK), Kookmin Bank International Ltd.(UK), and KB Investment &Securities Hong Kong Ltd.(HK)

KB Financial Group was established in September 29, 2008 with comprehensive transfer of major subsidiary companies’ shares in accordance with middle and long term development plan for overall companies to cope with the change of financial environment such as global acceleration of financial industry, decrease of profitability of electronic bank service, extension of capital market followed by the introduction of the law of capital market integration, and the increase of needs for comprehensive financial service.

KB Financial Group will contribute to the development of Korea’s Financial industry by the extension of non-bank financing portfolio and reinforcement of competitiveness, increase of customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive financial services, and maximization of enterprise value through synergy creation.

※ For more information about KB Kookmin Bank,

please refer to https://omoney.kbstar.com/quics?page=oeng


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