“Physicality”: A misnomer and not the reason for Oregon’s win over MSU

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Saturday felt a lot like October 2, 2010.

Flash back four years…

stanford1The Ducks were the higher-ranked of two, top ten teams, playing host to Stanford. The same babble about brawn v. blur, force v. finesse that we heard this past Saturday, was also heard constantly on that October day.

Oregon fell behind to the Cardinal 21-3 and there were no indicators that the slaughter was coming to an end. UO pulled within a TD by the half, but Stanford still controlled the game with what was posturized as physicality.

That word – “physical” – has become so over/mis-used that is cliché. So much talk is dedicated, especially when comparing offensive-oriented teams to defensive ones, to how physical play can combat speed. THE GAME OF FOOTBALL BY NATURE IS PHYSICAL. We are talking about a sport where nothing stops until a person is forcefully taken to the…

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