Painting Practice: Kanya Ash-hands (Steamhawke)

That Lazy Crazy Lady Hazy

Last year, I took a traditional animation class at Informatics Computer Institute. For my final project, I chose to animate Kanya Ash-Hands, my old character from the Steamhawke RPG which I briefly participated in some years ago before life ate me off of the internet.

I totally forgot to scan my classwork before submitting them so I can’t show you those. But all that work did revive my interest in Kanya.

I’m quite happy with most of the things in this practice painting… Not all of it, but many things turned out pretty fine. The steampunk goggles, in particular, turned out better than I expected. 😀

I don’t quite like the background, though, with its scribbly blueprint-wannabe pattern. But I was ready to give up by the time I had finished her, so I figured I’d just draw something quick.

I never really got the chance to explain Kanya’s backstory, so…

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