KB Kookmin Bank VAT refund downtown service for foreign tourists!


This year’s summer is hotter than ever! There have been many people going on a vacation by taking a flight. Everyone has to visit the airport to take a flight, and there is one place that every tourists wish to visit at the airport. That is the duty-free shop.

It’s because people can purchase the same products sold at regular shops at the cheaper price when they buy them at the duty-free shop. The items sold at the duty-free shops do not include the VAT and tariffs. In this sense, it is not easy to resist not to visit duty-free shops when you go to airports.


Except that duty-free shops can also be found outside the airport. There would be ‘tax-free’ shops available as you travel around the tourist spots.Before their departure, the tax-free shops give the VAT refunds plus domestic tax refunds to the foreign tourists as long as they take the purchased goods to their home country without using them. Then, where can they receive the VAT refunds? They usually use the refund counter located inside the airports. However, there is a disadvantage of waiting for a while because the airports have a lot of people, and the number of refund windows available is limited.

Don’t worry! How convenient would it be to visit the nearby bank before going to the airport to get the refunds then return to your home!

So here we are. We would like to introduce the KB Kookmin Bank VAT refund downtown service for foreign tourists.


The KB Kookmin Bank ‘VAT refund downtown service for foreign tourists’ is the service which refunds the VAT per products when they purchase items at a domestic tax-free shop then depart for another destination in three months.

In previous times, they gave VAT refunds only at the international airports or harbors. However, KB Kookmin Bank make this service also available in cities. The following service began at Myoungdong in December, 2013, and it has provided convenient service to the foreign tourists by expanding its branch.

* (Reference) 2015 Kookmin Bank Branches that provide specialized service to foreign users


KB Kookmin Bank strives toward the best to provide fast and convenient service not only to the domestic customers but also to the foreign tourists who come to Korea.

You do not have to wait in a long line for the VAT refund and be in a hurry to catch your flight anymore. We wish for every foreign customers who are currently in Korea or planning to visit Korea to have a more convenient trip accompanied with KB Kookmin Bank service.


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