Welcome to Korea. KB WELCOME SERVICE

 Welcome to Korea. KB WELCOME SERVICE

 Influenced by the Hallyu of Korean drama, K-POP, and the Korean Dream, there has been a rapid increase in the number of foreign students and workers living in Korea. You may also be making plans to stay in Korea. However, it is very common for the foreigners who are staying in Korea to visit foreign exchange banks to send or receive money. This is because they are not fully aware of the favors that other Korean banks can provide to the foreigners exclusively. KB Kookmin Bank does provide such service which is specialized for foreigners and provided to foreigners only. It is the KB Welcome Service. The KB Welcome service is composed of the specialized branch service for foreigners, account service personalized for foreigners, and leisure facilities partnership service.

① Specialized branch service for foreigners


KB Kookmin Bank accepts remittance or currency exchange business at the branches of Ohjangdong, Wongokdong Foreign Currency Remittance Center, and Gimhae for the convenience of the foreign laborers and customers even on the weekends. Especially at the Wongokdong Foreign Currency Remittance Center, they have put their core focus on the convenience of the foreign customers. Additionally, we operate counseling service for foreign customers (☎1599-4477).

② Account service personalized for foreigners

– KB Welcome account


KB Welcome account allows unrestricted statements with additional service such as exemption from commission fee resulted from bank transactions and currency privilege for the foreign customers who need salary transfer and foreign exchange transaction. KB Welcome account has set the most preferred service that exempt commission fee as the main benefit in order to reflect the needs of foreign customers. The terms on the exemption of commission fee is followed below.


The benefits of KB Welcome account does not end here. KB Welcome account supports commission fee when a customer send a foreign currency or currency rate. When remitting foreign currency plus exchange commission fee during the transaction of business branch, there would be 50 percent of commission break, and they provide exemption of commission fee when customer sends out salaries via the KB WISE overseas remittance service. It becomes applied from the fifth time the customer sends out salary. Last but not least, they give 70 percent of exchange commission break when a customer visits the business branch or uses the Internet banking service for transaction then deposit money that is freely deposited and withdrawn as a foreign currency.

– KB Kookmin Welcome check card

11111 KB Kookmin Welcome check card is also for foreign customers as same as the KB Welcome account. KB Welcome check card offer a number of benefits in supporting the overall living in Korea. It gives 20 percent D.C. on the CGV, Megabox, Primus Cinema tickets, 10 percent of tax refund D.C. at the OliveYoung shops of the Korean beauty items, and 30 percent D.C. on the amusement park tickets. Likewise, there are realistic benefits that foreign customers can enjoy!

③ Leisure facilities partnership service

Customers with KB Welcome account or KB Kookmin Welcome check card can receive benefitswhen purchasing tickets at EverlandㆍCaribbean Bay and SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium

– EverlandㆍCaribbean Bay


Everland is the most popular amusement park in Korea, and it’s a popular tourist spot for all age groups. They have many attractions and zoo, and planetarium and provided diverse events and parades to feast your eyes.

Caribbean Bay is the most popular water park in the country. People can feel as if they are at the actual beach as they play in the outdoor wave pool, and they can enjoy many attractions such water bobsleigh, surfing-ride, and so on. Caribbean Bay is located inside Everland, but you need to purchase the free pass ticket separately.

ㆍ service date: 2015.03.26 ~ 2016.03.25, one year around

ㆍ terms: Everland free pass ticket 35% D.C., Caribbean Bay 25% D.C.

ㆍ How to purchase: only available on offline. Present the Kookmin Welcome check card or KB Welcome account in front of  the ticket office for groups. (the person oneself included. MAX 4 people. Once a day.)

ㆍMatters for Inquiry: Everland www.everland.com in different languages, Integrate guidance (☎031-320-5000)

– SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium


The Busan Aquarium at haeundae will deliver you an amazing experience with 250 species and 10,000 marine life and eight new exhibition zones. Korea’s largest shark tank, underwater tunnel, diving experience and you can even ride a transparent shark boat which the whole floor is glass. Currently more than 14 million tourists have been to this popular tourist attraction in Busan.

ㆍ service date: 2015.06.23 ~ 2016.06.22, all year around

ㆍ terms: SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium 30 percent D.C.

ㆍ How to purchase: only available on offline. Present the Kookmin Welcome check card or KB Welcome account in front of the ticket office for groups. (the person oneself included. MAX 4 people. Once a day.)

ㆍ Matters for Inquiry : SEA LIFE Busan Aquarium (☎051-740-1700)

* If you would like to make an inquiry about the KB Welcome service, visit the following webpage https://omoney.kbstar.com/quics?page=C034890 or the nearby branch of KB Kookmin Bank.


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