First Night Design | ABFriday – July | Photo Challenge

First Night Design

robinkentcapitolhillCapitol Hill by Robin Kent

I discovered Stacey Fischer of Visual Venturing when Joanne of Coffee Fuels My Photography took part in Stacey’s monthly After-Before Friday (ABFriday) challenge, which happens every first Friday of the month. The idea is to download the given image and cast your spell with post-processing. The image for July was provided by Robin Kent.

The deadline for July’s submission was some days ago but I thought I would nevertheless see what I could come up with. As regular followers know, I rarely plan or have anything specific in mind so that the result can be a complete surprise. Here it is.


I overlaid the image with two textures. The first was 2LO Haunting 5 from Denise Love at 2 Lil’ Owls, bought via Design Cuts. I cycled through Photoshop’s blending modes without finding anything that looked remotely interesting. I left it at ‘colour burn’ and searched through…

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