The beautiful international tourism city ‘Busan’, KB Kookmin Bank is with foreigners.

The beautiful international tourism city ‘Busan’, KB Kookmin Bank is with foreigners.


Republic of Korea’s attractive international tourist city ‘Busan’, also introduced in the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC Travel section. Did you know? Busan is the second city of the Republic of Korea, which has a population of four million, located on the peninsula in Southeast region. It is a tourist city and a commercial, industrial city that has beautiful mountains, seas and rivers that are comparable to world’s most beautiful port cities.


The reason why Busan is loved as a tourist city world-wide is not only because of the spectacular sea and city where you can sea bathe. Busan has a variety of cultural tourism products and attractions, as well as distinctive food to eat. It is more noticeable since it is paying meticulous concern to foreign tourists. From now on, let’s find out a little more.


Busan has successfully held large international events such as the Asian Games and the 2002 World Cup and has greatly expanded the tourism infrastructure of the city. In 2005, Busan APEC Summit has greatly raised the brand of Busan, also to attract domestic and foreign tourists to Busan more. Furthermore, Pusan ​​International Film Festival which has leaped to Asia’s best top 7 World Film Festival, Busan Fireworks and touring packages like Busan City Tour sightseeing has helped as well. The Marine Centum City, where shopping and sightseeing can be done at the same place, has confirmed the reputation of ‘Tourism paradise Busan’. Extensive maintenance of the port facility so that cruise ships, which represents luxury tourism, can be anchored securely in Busan also further enhanced the status of ‘Tourism paradise Busan’.


The item mainly occupied first place in shopping is food with 52%. This shows that the taste of Busan is also an indispensable tourist appeal. There are many characteristic foods that you can taste the genuineness only in Busan. Eating special foods such as ‘Ssiat hotteok’, ‘Cold Pig’s Feet Salad’ which is in an alley full of shops filled with pork feet, ‘Wheat Noodles’ and ‘Pork and Rice Soup’ makes the trip even more enjoyable.

The reason why we can recommend with confidence is because of the efforts Busan tries to ease inconvenience foreign tourists feel. Busan concentrated care and expanded the quantity of English, Japanese, Chinese street signs so that there are no inconveniences going to the streets. Also, tourist information centers were arranged and the streets were reorganized as ‘Galmaetkkil’ to walk well.


So what are the major attractions in Busan? We will introduce the major attractions Busan recommended. For the sea, ‘Gwangan-li’ which is famous for ‘Gwangan Bridge’, ‘Haeundae beach’ where skyscrapers and the beach coexist and there is ‘Taejongdae’ where you can enjoy delicious grilled shellfish. There are hot springs in the spa of ‘Haeundae’ and ‘Taejongdae’. Also there is the ‘Nurimaru APEC House’ where the APEC summit was held, ‘BEXCO’, City tour where you can look all over Busan, ‘Busan Cinema Center’, ‘Yongdusan Park, ’Busan Jagalchi fish market’ where it is full of affection, cruise tours, aquariums, etc.


The Busan Aquarium at haeundae will deliver you an amazing experience with 250 species and 10,000 marine life and eight new exhibition zones. Korea’s largest shark tank, underwater tunnel, diving experience and you can even ride a transparent shark boat which the whole floor is glass. Currently more than 14 million tourists have been to this popular tourist attraction in Busan.

An important point to note is that KB Kookmin Bank has contracted an agreement with the aquarium in Haeundae for the foreign tourists. KB Kookmin Bank has signed a partnership agreement with the Busan Aquariums provide foreign customers targeted personalized preferred service. With this agreement, foreign customers of KB Kookmin Bank can receive a 30% discount for a year from June 23rd2015untilJune22nd,2016onceyoupurchaseticketsatBusanAquariumticketoffice.


We hope you have a pleasant and joyful trip with KB Kookmin Bank at such an attractive international tourist city Busan and tourist attraction Aquarium. To find out more about the KB Kookmin Bank, please connect to our WordPress. KB Kookmin Bank college student ambassadors Team Daecheongmaru is always cheering for you. We appreciate your interest.


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