Currency exchange and a special summer event with KB Kookmin Bank!


There are many people traveling on the holiday season in summer. Especially those who are leaving abroad are increasingly every year. What do most people need when they leave with curiosity about other countries? It would be ‘currency exchange’. You are trying to exchange currency with the excitement of traveling, but where do you need to go to do it? The Airport? The train station? City currency exchange office? It seems there are lots of places to do. So we have some information prepared for you who are confused! KB Kookmin Bank’s summer feature ‘Enjoy traveling! Enjoy currency exchange! 2015’ currency exchange event.


KB Kookmin Bank’s ‘Enjoy traveling! Enjoy currency exchange! 2015’ event will be held for three months from June 1st, 2015 to August 31st, divided into two types.

First of all in the event ‘Enjoy traveling!’, customers who visit KB Kookmin Bank branches or individual customers who exchange more than US $1,000 through the ‘KB Network Exchange Service’ via the website, a total of 58 customers will be selected and receive a KB GIFT CARD.


In the second event ‘Enjoy currency exchange!’, individual customers who have applied for the ‘KB foreign exchange added services’, a total of 55 customers will be selected and receive a KB GIFT CARD. If you apply for the relevant services, depending on the selection, travel insurance, mileage, etc. are the main benefits! A great opportunity where you can exchange currency and also receive a surprise gift.


The above events will be entered automatically when using a currency exchange service and the winners will be announced via KB Kookmin Bank website ( on September 18th.

How about going on a more pleasant journey KB Kookmin Bank’s currency exchange events this summer?


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