The Finger’s Handbook

The Finger’s Handbook

(New Pun Time’s #1 best cellar)

Chapter One

To the Point

Once upon a time there was a society of finger people, their faces drawn with magic markers, who all lived together in a large city called New Pun. They travelled everywhere by bus and because there was a bus stop every few feet, they called each of these stops a foot. One day, right as our joke’s heroes, the Ten Fingers, got off the bus on their way to work, the Punch Line got on. The bus immediately drove away. Upset that they had missed the Punch Line and still wanting to give the readers their money’s worth, they divided into two groups and made two more Punch Lines by curling into fists. But however hard they tried to make this funny, they all felt that these just weren’t satisfactory Punch Lines, and so they decided…

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