Classy is the New Sexy

Mercy is My Middle Name


Yesterday I noticed all the young ladies wearing booty shorts. Now, I understand that anywhere you go, you are bound to find some girls wearing minimal clothing – not a big deal. But this is different because I could see it was the trend. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the five year olds all the way up to the 20-somethings that had their butts hanging out. When I was ten, I wasn’t concerned with showing the world my sexual beauty.

I’m not the pessimistic type that will talk down to all the young girls for “being immodest” or rant “What is the world coming too?!”… Not at all. My tone in this post is happy and hopeful! These girls are just following what they have seen culture model for them as being beautiful and significant.

That being said, I am excited for the coming day when…

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